About Chefs Garb

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Since 2003, Chefs Garb has continuously developed its products to be the benchmark for kitchen apparel, service uniform and accessories. Likewise, it also sets trends in service uniform design for front of the house team. Our product includes chefs jacket, pants, aprons, headgear, shoes, accessories and service uniforms.

Chefs Garb product line is designed to withstand everyday use while giving importance on safety, comfort and image of every client.

We cater to restaurants, schools, hotels and other food establishments. No matter how big or small our clients are, we still provide quality and service the Chefs Garb way.

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Team Chefs Garb is headed by Lex Archee T. Adasa, an entrepreneur, and Marielen C. Ordonez, interior designer turned chef. In addition, it is also composed of experienced sewer and cutters.

Chefs Garb, kitchen apparel and accessories for chefs by chefs